Rec sports: SAC boys quench the Heat, 9-1

Rec sports

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Soccer Association of Columbia

The SAC United Premier II (U-11 boys) completed their seventh National Capital Soccer League match by defeating the VSA Heat, 9-1. The team stayed connected with fullbacks getting involved in the attack to provide numbers. The fast passing and movement off the ball has continued to improve and provided great offensive build ups setting up goals for Justin Harris, Chase King, Chima Okoro, Brennan Reamer (two), Ryan Saunderson, Alex Smedley (two) and William Vasilios. Assists were by Okoro (two), King (two), Vasilios and Aaron Kaplan.

Goalkeeper Nicholas Lara closed three long-ball counter-attacks.

Columbia Soccer Club

On Sunday, the CSC Storm Runners (U-16 girls) reached the halfway point in the fall Baltimore Beltway Soccer League season with a dominating 4-0 victory over the Nike Rush Swoosh at Dickinson Park. The scoring chances came early and often for the Storm Runners as the front line of Jenny Haynes, Christina Kochanski, Jonae Queen and the Chin twins (Natalie and Selena) passed, moved and danced around the Swoosh defense, whose physical tactics were no match for the quickness and skill of the Storm Runner playmakers.

The scoring started midway through the first half when Natalie Chin finished off a series of combination passes with a shot to the lower left corner of the Swoosh goal that easily beat their diving keeper. The second goal was the result of beautiful give and go passing between Haynes and Kochanski down the left flank that ended with Haynes hitting a low liner to the far post that left the Swoosh keeper helplessly standing on her line.

It was more of the same in the second half. The Chins teamed up for the third goal with Natalie notching the tally after receiving a perfect feed from her sister and again sliding a low shot under the prone keeper and into the back of the net.

The final tally came off the foot of Queen who was the recipient of a wonderful bit of individual play from midfielder Carley Noppinger. Noppinger gathered the ball in the defensive end and then dashed and darted 70 yards down the left wing, all the while beating several defenders until she finally turned the corner at the end line and then made a perfect cross to Queen who then one timed the ball into the empty net.

Noppinger's play was emblematic of the Storm Runners' midfield throughout the match. She, along with Kate Harkleroad, Erica Sadler and Katherine MacKie controlled the pace of play, won almost every ball in the midfield and worked well to keep relentless pressure on the Swoosh defense and create opportunities for the offense.

The Storm Runners, however, are a team that builds its base at the back. Through four games, the team has yet to yield a goal — a statistic that speaks volumes as to the strength and quality of the back line and goalkeeper of the team. Maddie Jones and Becca Riley controlled the middle of the defense and played every minute of the match — meeting every Swoosh foray into the Storm Runner end with determination, skill and a willingness to sacrifice for the good of the team.

Erica Noppinger and Tory LaFemina controlled the flanks and never allowed the Swoosh to gain any traction down the wings. They also kick-started the offense on numerous occasions with well timed and perfectly executed overlap runs that quickly transitioned the play from the Storm Runners' end of the field to the Swoosh box. Goalkeeper Elaina Quinn is the anchor in the back. Every shot she faced was saved calmly and confidently — including a penalty kick in the waning moments where she not only saved the initial attempt but also grabbed the rebound from the onrushing Swoosh forward.

The Storm Runners go into the second half of their season at the top of the standings in the BBSL ready to face the strong competition that awaits it on the road to the division championship.


Howard County Junior Striders

The Howard County Junior Striders went in two different directions on Sunday. While 13 competed in a youth cross country race in Olney, 60 competed at a meet in Pikesville.

Conner Croft won his race in Olney; Jackie Esquivel, Hayley Glassburn, Camren Kovach, Benjamin Oldhouser, Kara Taylor and Corey Hamilton won their races in Pikesville.

Junior Strider results at Pikesville:

6-UG: 1. Jackie Esquivel, 6:16; 2. Erika Mosley, 6:40; 4. Emma Koech, 7:09; 5. Nicole Mejia-Barringer, 7:26; 6. Maya Johnson, 9:00.

6-UB: 2. Peter Keating, 5:51; 3. Connor Kovach, 6:24; 4. Abraham Garner, 6:43; 5. Dominic Delpo, 10:26; 6. Ilan Tracton 11:04

7-8G: 1. Hayley Glassburn, 11:07; 2. Olivia Tedesco, 11:36; 3. Isabel Sinnott, 11:44; 5. Katherine Hall, 11:55; 6. Talia Tracton, 11:56; 7. Caroline Barrett, 13:09; 8. Elise Mejia-Barringer, 16:17; 9. Audrey Loudin, 16:17; 10. Romy Delpo, 16:58.

7-8B: 2. Andrew Fritz, 9:39; 3. Bryce Johnson-Dendy, 10:03; 4. Mats Chattin, 10:35; 6. Matthew Ganel-Constant, 13:20; 7. Matthew Cheruiyot, 13:32.

9-10G: 2. Zoe Reading 14:36; 3. Gabriella Esquivel, 15:34; 5. Claire Warman, 16:41; 6. Hadley Pennington, 17:07; 7. Maria Newell, 17:19; 8. Bridget Keating, 19:44.

9-10B: 1. Camren Kovach, 14:20; 2. Liam Sullivan, 14:56; 3. Tyler Richardson, 15:07; 5. Andrew Dworski, 16:36; 7. Henry Wilt, 17:32; 8. Benjamin Smith, 17:48; 9. Rocco Delpo 17:54.

11-12G: 2. Cara Nardone, 13:29; 3. Megan Prescott, 14:20; 5. Grace Chaverini, 15:14; 9. Rosa Kirk-Davidoff, 17:48; 11. Virginia Knight, 18:06; 12. Marilyn Smith 18:08; 13. Holly Holden, 18:08.

11-12B: 1. Benjamin Oldhouser, 12:26; 2. Kevin Reynolds, 12:31; 3. Anders Chattin, 12:50; 6. Brendan Fitzgerald, 15:22; 8. Joshua Krutz, 16:15; 10. Billy Bott, 18:05.

13-14G: 1. Kara Taylor, 15:34; 2. Eileen Ying, 16:40; 3. Sierra Johnson-Dendy, 21:05; 4. Emma Groman, 22:31.

13-14B: 1. Corey Hamilton, 13:21; 2. Kevin Wegner, 15:16; 3. Shane McGovern, 15:26; 4. Jake Ricker, 17:58; 5. Jason Vanisko, 18:31.

Junior Strider results at Olney:

7-8B: 1. Connor Croft, 9:30; 5. Joey Squirlock, 10:23; 7. Colin Krause, 11:21.

9-10B: 11. Philip Allen, 13:54; 16. Ben Roseman, 15:36; 24. Jacob Orloff, 16:59; 25. Ryan Rose, 17:21.

11-12G: 11. Jane Tripp, 15:00.

11-12B: 6. Ben Rosicky, 12:42; 18. David Polefrone, 16:27; 19. Lucas Kaiser, 16:57; 20. Mikie Allen, 17:11.

13-14B: 10. Trent Rose, 18:33.

Field hockey

Howard Stampede Elite

The Howard Stampede Elite 7th/8th team bounced back from its first loss of the year with an impressive 4-0 win against Hereford. Ball movement and open field dodging were the keys to Stampede's success.

Lexi Souder, Natalie Fyock, Mary Monroe and Carly Clarke executed dodge after dodge to get the ball to the Hereford end and create scoring chances. After several attempts at scoring, with four consecutive shots, Stampede finally broke through on a shot by Julia Sheehan halfway throughout the first half assisted by Molly Tucker.

The second goal of the game was a thing of beauty, Souder fed Caleigh Covell at the top of the 16 and she fired a knee high shot to the left of the goal and Lexi Rieu tipped it in to give Stampede a 2-0 lead.

Sheehan then came back and tipped a shot into the left side of the goal for her second goal of the game. Covell added the fourth goal on a sweet shot to the top right side of the net.

Bridgett Cavanaugh, Megan Hooper and Noelle Frost had solid games on the back line and created several fastbreaks. The midfield was controlled by Madison Zehring, Grace Olson and Gillian Kramer who had several really good tackles. Cavanaugh and Frost combined in the goal for the shutout.

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