Letter: Triathlon article was only half right

It's was disappointing that your article covering the Ulman Half Full Triathlon on Oct. 4 ("Philadelphia man captures win in Half Full Triathlon," Oct. 6) mentioned the top men's finishers but neglected to mention even one of the top women finishers.

Women now make up the majority of participants in local triathlons and the Columbia Iron Girl Triathlon sells out in a matter of hours. It's a shame you didn't give them the recognition they deserved.

Keith McIntyre

Ellicott City

Editor's note: The top five women finishers in the Half Full (70 mile) were Jenny Lofaro (5:18:04), Cynthia Carson (5:21:26), Courtney Melia (5:22:12), Britt McCormick (5:27:32) and Janelle McIntyre (5:39:55).

The top five women finishers in the Half Full (Olympic 40 mile) were Melanie Schwalbe (2:57:19), Mary Breed (3:04:45), Melissa Vess (3:09:31), Michele Tuttle (3:14:35), and Janine Hawley (3:20:42).

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