Clarksville: Two free concerts await, one classical and one country

Classical music lovers will be heading to Triadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church on Brighton Dam Road this Sunday evening.

The free concert begins at 7 p.m. All are welcome.

Musical concerts and outdoor entertainment are a highlight of summer. The Navy Country Currents will perform country music at Western Regional Park on Thursday, June 28, at 7 p.m.

Come on out and enjoy a family picnic in the park. To learn more, contact 410-313-4635 or

Congratulations and many thanks go to Sheila Bishoff, who has now "graduated" from River Hill High School.

Sheila has served Howard County PTAs for 15 years. She has been serving River Hill seven years (four as president). It is said that Sheila unofficially clocked in more hours than some employees.

Appropriately, Principal Novak presented Sheila with a clock at the senior award ceremony. There were not many programs or activities that she did not attend or have a role in.

In her honor, the PTSA has renamed its Service Scholarship the "PTSA Sheila Bishoff Service Scholarship."

Sheila's achievements include penning award-winning grants for special programs, creativity in transforming the school and movie theater for safe post prom parties and mentoring student leaders so the SGA can take over ownership of the successful yard sale to help fund the parties.

Sheila has testified at county hearings, brought programs of importance and interest to the community and kept the community informed through weekly PTSA newsletters and shared information with your neighborhood writer.

Sheila and husband Jeff Bishoff have maintained, the school website, with up-to-date information. Thank you, Sheila. What's next?

The Sheila Bishoff Service Award for the Class of 2012 went to Kurt Anderson. Other cholarship recipients were Timothy Fisher (Humanities Award), Matthew Oldhouser (Math/Science Award), Zachary Madden (Fine Arts Award) and Mark LaPointe (Career and Technology Award). Each received a $500 scholarship. Congratulations.

As the school year was wrapping up, the River Hill debate team participated in the NCFL Grand National Tournament with over 2,000 students from all over the country. The team even competed against a team from Alaska. River Hill fielded two teams. Both had winning records after the first day. Both made it past the double octos.

River Hill was the only school in the country to have more than one team making it that far. One team finished as octo finalists and the other as quarter finalists. Sponsors David McNeal and Carol Appel are proud of each team member. Good work, team.

If you need to visit Clarksville Elementary this summer, call 410-313-7050 first. Renovation is in progress and staff access is limited. You could email the principal or the secretary

Have you marked your calendar for the big 134th annual Clarksville Picnic on the grounds of St. Louis Church June 30?

Times have changed since the days when participants had to haul in water for drinking or cooking, but the fun remains the same. It has been held the last Saturday in June since 1969 in "downtown Clarksville."

General Chairman Tony Kopera, General Co-Chairman Tom London and hundreds of volunteers have been working all year to make the event a success.

Hundreds more will be pitching in to help in the coming days. Thousands of country ham and fried chicken dinners will be served family style. You'll find quick service foods, plants, books, bingo, baked goods, items hand-crafted in Clarksville, a silent auction, games of chance on the midway, raffles (most notably the $20,000 raffle) and free entertainment.

Parking is also free. Many will find it best to walk or carpool. Plan to check it out for yourself.

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