Despite Dyer's request, reprimand stands

In April 2011, then-Chairwoman Janet Siddiqui issued a public reprimand of Allen Dyer at a meeting of the Howard County Board of Education. The reprimand, which came without a board vote, came after Dyer legally recorded a board retreat, without the consent of the other board members.

However, during testimony this summer in the case to remove Dyer from the board, Siddiqui claimed that her reprimand was not that at all, and that her statement had been misconstrued by Dyer, other board members, the media and the public.

At the board meeting Aug. 16, Dyer asked for the April 14, 2011 minutes be revised to reflect what he called "a sworn contradiction," and include Siddiqui's actual language. A public reprimand is a severe disciplinary measure, Dyer said, and if Siddiqui did not actually reprimand him, it has caused an undue impact on Dyer.

"I'm concerned about my professional reputation, my political reputation, and my personal reputation," he said. "I'm simply asking for an opportunity to have my name cleared or an explanation of what went on."

However, Dyer's request failed to gain a motion, and the minutes remained as they were approved last year.

Later in the meeting, during discussion about committee assignments, Dyer raised the "strongest possible objection" that he still was being prohibited from participating in the committee structure. As part of the June 2011 resolution requesting the state board remove Dyer from his seat, Howard's board majority voted to remove Dyer from his seat on the audit committee.

Board member Brian Meshkin moved that Dyer be allowed to once more serve on a committee for the remaining three months of his term, but that motion failed 4-2, with only Meshkin and Cindy Vaillancourt voting in favor. Dyer and student member Cole Rosenberg abstained.

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