Howard County police should check their driving habits [Letter]

Last week's Flier included tragic news of a Howard County police officer making an illegal turn in Anne Arundel and critically injuring a family traveling legally on a roadway. As pedestrians and bicyclists, my husband and I have both been cut off by Howard County police cars making a right turn into a lighted "Walk" zone (Broken Land and Little Patuxent). I wonder if we were even seen. Also, I witnessed a Howard County police car speed into an intersection and do a 360, endangering all cars and pedestrians at the scene (Twin Rivers and Harpers Farm); found tree/sidewalk/grass destruction from a car gone off the road at high speed, only to read in the Flier that this was a one-car Howard County police car accident (Harpers Farm). Our officers should practice the driving skills and respect of right-of-way required for ordinary citizens.

Helen Weems

Harper's Choice

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