Trees should be preserved in Symphony Woods plans [Letters]

We have a treasure that some may not appreciate. There are very few remaining stands of old trees, not only in Columbia but in the whole state of Maryland. We once took a special trip to northern Michigan to visit a virgin forest. We are so fortunate to have such a stand of trees in the middle of Columbia and should be thankful to those that had the foresight to preserve it for us and future generations. It should be left in its natural state.

Business ventures should be up to those risking their capital and have knowledge of what potential may be derived from that investment. Council members have no business getting involved in ventures of this sort. They are there to accept or reject proposals that may affect those living here.

If the people of Columbia elect to spend money for something in their community, great! County Executive Ulman, please don't ask the people that live in the far reaches of the county to contribute to things that will primarily benefit those that live in Columbia.

Bill Voss


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