Letter: Loss of open space in Symphony Woods is 'incalculable'

I am a former long-time resident of Columbia who still travels to the area frequently on business, and recently came across a copy of what used to be my "favorite" paper, the Flier. I read your article about the pending plans for Symphony Woods, and for what it is worth, I would like to add my opinion.

Columbia has changed a lot since I first moved there in 1981, and not for the better. When I first arrived, there was a small but unique zoo in Symphony Woods. The opportunities to play in and picnic in the woods were very important to my family. I understand that all major suburban areas ultimately must develop in order to keep up with population, public needs, etc., however, the loss of any such open space with huge, mature trees (and the air purification afforded by same), and a local venue for the arts, seems an incalculable one to me. More shopping, offices, parking garages ... at what point do we reach overkill, saturation. Another article in the paper (re: new apt complex near mall) spoke of the "first step in the revitalization of downtown Columbia." Perhaps revitalization better refers to Baltimore. In fact, in memory of the spirit of Mr. James Rouse, perhaps all of this development could be better utilized in Baltimore.

I still love the Flier ... keep up the good work!

Laurel Taylor

Wilmington, N.C.

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