Letter: We need to look beyond guns to find causes of violent crime

Responding to Mr. Michael Cornel's comments regarding the removal of guns in Australia as a "true portrait of gun control" (Letters, Dec. 17): The old saying of figures doesn't lie but liars figure. His comments give the reader a false impression that gun control is working in Australia and is a great solution. Australia's Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research acknowledges that the gun ban had no significant impact on the amount of gun-involved crime: In 2006, assault rose 49 percent and robbery 6 percent. Sexual assault — Australia's equivalent term for rape — increased 29.9 percent .Overall, Australia's violent crime rate rose 42 percent.

We need to have rational solutions instead of the same knee-jerk reactions to gun control. Diane Brown's Dec. 20 article, "Serious talks about gun control," repeats the mantra over and over again about no guns. Yet she and many others ignored other causes of violent deaths. What about the article on page 16, "Teen given 60 years in fatal Long Reach stabbing," the victim was stabbed 10 times but there was no gun involved so it was simply ignored, it did not fit the anti-gun liberal agenda that Ms. Brown is supporting, so why bother to comment and she did not.

There are many causes of violent crimes in society; to single out gun control as the best solution by passing more laws will not work without addressing the other critical factors.

Fred Tancordo


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