Letter: Exclusive fitness club not part of Rouse's dream

I read with great interest the article, "Columbia Association to open new fitness club in Rouse Co. building," in the Dec. 20 issue of the Columbia Flier. What was conveniently omitted from the article is the alleged plan to limit membership to upper-end professionals: professionals who prefer working out with others of their vocational/economic stratum. Moreover CA is paying for the addition — $2.4 million — with assessment fees paid by Columbia residents. If upper-end professionals want a separate facility they should pay for it.

The planned location, the Rouse Co. building, of this — exclusive — facility adds insult to injury. Jim Rouse's dream for the new city did not include demographic distinctions based on class, economics or vocation.

This decision sets a troubling precedent.

Milton Richardson

Dorsey Search

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