Letter: Attack on president parrots right wing talking points

It's one thing to dislike a particular piece of legislation (the Affordable Care Act) but it's a stretch to take it to another level with "non-specific" charges against the president such as "exercise of raw power" and "corruption and lawlessness" ("In 2012, Americans should vote with their heads, not their hearts," letter, July 12). These are "right wing" talking points — just Google them.

This is stark language when compared to a previous commander-in-chief, who was responsible for warrantless wire tapping; torture; a preemptive war that costs thousands of soldiers their lives, tens of thousands of civilian lives and billions of dollars; the first bailout, and a multi-billion dollar prescription drug plan.

When you vote with "your head" in 2012 against the current administration's party, keep in mind you may be voting for the further demise of unions; dismissal of more teachers and firemen; desolation of the Environmental Protection Agency (think clean water), less reliance on science, more incivility and denying your wife/girlfriend access to health care-provided birth control, while allowing men's erectile dysfunction drugs to be covered (thus, enhancing men's sexual prowess, while lowering women's defense against it).

But, then again it depends on what's important to you.

Lou Ann Prosack


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