Letter: Residents should direct their anger toward Columbia developers, not Merriweather

Prospective and current residents of many cities throughout the country are also dealing with the effects of noise pollution. Possible solutions include double-paned windows, weather stripping, earplugs, white noise machines, and headphones designed for noise cancellation. These solutions are especially important to consider for anyone with small children. However, oftentimes the most effective solution is moving to an area that features less noise pollution. When my wife and I moved to Columbia, we asked our real estate agent how far we needed to live away from Merriweather to avoid the noise. She insisted on living at least more than 3 miles. We currently live 4 miles away and have never had any issues during the concert season.

Residents should direct their complaints to Columbia developers who built housing so close to the concert venue and did not consider noise reduction measures during construction. Or their real estate agent for not being forthcoming about the level of noise they would experience living less than 2 or 3 miles from the venue. Merriweather did not ask developers to surround them with residential housing; in fact, most amphitheaters in America are distanced from residential areas to try and avoid these issues. 

Bruce McElroy


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