More planning was needed when deciding on Blandair Park sports locations [Letter]

One would think that living in Columbia for even a brief period of time would make one sensitive to the noise issues. Ask anyone who lives near Merriweather Post Pavilion. Chances are they have staked out a position on noise either pro or con with no room for compromise, engaging lawyers and politicians to support their positions.

Now we have the new sport facility at Blandair Park in Oakland Mills, first-class athletic fields, night lighting, parking, rest rooms, everything anyone would want in a county-run sport venue; everything that is but a well thought-out community impact plan. Here we go again.

A quick review of the land available would, I believe even to the untrained eye, have located the lacrosse and field hockey stadiums, away from the neighborhood and locate the baseball diamonds, a more gentile game with no air horns to the neighbor side. Not a perfect solution but at least one that demonstrated community sensitivity.

Too late now, bring on the lawyers, get the injunctions, I believe we will be hearing a lot more about this issue, which could have been avoided with a little forethought and a firm grasp of the obvious.

Robert M. McDonough


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