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Rejoice, not protest, for Symphony Woods decision [Letter]

I am thrilled the Columbia Association and the Columbia Council Representatives responded to the present and future needs of our community in moving forward with the McCall/Inner Arbor Plan for Symphony Woods. The previous plan was generally found to have missed the mark, and was additionally rejected by the Planning Board. The McCall Plan was created out of the very real need for something better. It was presented to the community. Response was heard in person, by email and by petition. A vote was taken, the plan was accepted.

This process is reason to rejoice, not to protest! We have leaders who are willing to dream big, think outside the box and take action to make Columbia a better place. It is time for Columbia to recommit itself to its original mission: of making a better community. I urge you to continue to support this excellent decision. We will never be finished making this a better place. Our work must be positive, forward-thinking, and ongoing.

Julia McCready


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