Letter: Noise levels at Merriweather concerts are indefensible

In response to your June 14 opinion page items on the noise at Merriweather Post Pavilion: It was almost a slam-dunk — an editorial, four supporting letters and a cartoon.

About the calls for people to sell their homes if they didn't like the noise and "you shoulda known better," the fact is that real estate is almost never viewed during concert hours and few agents think to mention a major music venue when making a sale. Someone wrote that developers were warned. Do you really think they warned the potential residents. Your supposition that "we chose to live next door" is spurious.

The real issue comes down to this: There are specific state laws regarding outdoor venues. The county has purchased equipment and trained officers to use it. And although just a few concerts warrant it, I don't believe that "artistic control" trumps the law. If they enforce the curfew, then why not noise?

And the editorial takes Ms. Parker's comment that most comments from neighbor's are favorable at face value. How many people did you poll?

And your comment about "enriching" the community, was that an admission that it's all about the money?

Steve McCord


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