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Amplified noise is unexpected nuisance at Blandair Park [Letter]

After three community meetings about noise at Blandair Park, Howard County Recs and Parks has done little to resolve the problem. My community expected fans cheering, coaches yelling and whistles blowing, but nowhere in any of the park planning meetings was amplified noise discussed or mentioned. The park is still blasting air horns on the weekends during lacrosse games. Football season will be here in a few months, and we were told to expect PA announcements, music and play-by-play announcements from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.! This is unacceptable to the residents that live in my community, and we expect Recs and Parks to be good neighbors. Turn off the amplified noise at Blandair Park.

Jonathan Mayhew

Emerson Hill

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