County taxpayers are the ones funding farmland preservation [Letter]

What's wrong with this picture? How about the credit for the Farmland Forever Program being soaked up by the Howard County Government rather then given to those who rightfully deserve the acclamation: The taxpayers whose hard work and tax dollars make this program possible?

I am quite sure that when Allan Kittleman becomes our next County Executive, the arrogance and pride that comes with one-party rule will cease and the government will again work on behalf of the citizenry of the county rather than us working for it!

Suggested wording for new signs, Mr. Kittleman: Thanks to this landowner and the taxpayers of Howard County, this farmland is permanently preserved.

BTW, Mr. Kittleman, when you are elected, please leave the existing signs up as it would be a waste of money to replace them and they will serve as an ever present reminder as what is wrong with the Big Government mentality and what you need to fix when you assume office.

J. Markwordt


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