Symphony Woods is Columbia's 'sacred place' [Letter]

There is a Maryland foundation whose purpose is to fund sacred places, green spaces that celebrate nature by creating verdant calm refuges tucked away from urban chaos. It seems CA proposes to do the opposite. 

Our Symphony Woods is already a sacred place. So we have a responsibility to tread lightly, with small footprints, when we make it a public place. The last plan to create walkways through the trees, "Columbia's Central Park with a fountain," seemed to be an unobtrusive way to enjoy SW's exquisite trees.  Even better, another plan agreed to take less trees. But then the fountain wasn't right, so CA completely scrapped everything.  

The new plan includes a parking garage (which means cars), an office building and three restaurants? And an arts village? How does a single dinner theater make a village, much less art? A fusion of art and nature would be a beautiful glass-walled art gallery and cafe overlooking the treescape, and development enough. Frank Gehry would help us. The proposed footprint has become too large. We can't resist creating income and tax revenue in this county, at any cost.

Why can't we simply enjoy this space for its beauty, hold it up as the sanctuary that it is, devoid of more concrete and tree cutting? Please please, CA board, vote to keep Symphony Woods simple as nature intended.

Ann von Lossberg


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