Abortion is the woman's choice and no one else's [Letter]

I am dismayed that Patuxent Publishing has only seen fit to publish anti-abortion responses to Maria Santo's My Word, "Murder is not condoned by civilized societies; abortion should be illegal" (Feb. 28). As a long-time "pro-choice" woman who has marched in support of pro-choice more than once, I am insulted by her editorial. "Civilized Societies do not kill children." How juvenile; using the scare tactic of killing "children." I believe that an embryo is a potential human and therefore, does not have the same rights as the mother. I do not understand how a "civilized society" can believe it is a good thing to bring millions of unwanted children into this over-burdened world. In a world which is overpopulated, cannot feed itself, is destroying its natural beauty and using up its resources, I thank women who consider not bringing another being into this world.  No one's voice other than the mother's should be heard. It is the woman's choice and no one else's.

Valerie Leonard


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