Letter: Ulman is right to support gambling expansion

Wow. County Executive Ulman disagrees with your puritanical anti-gambling view (editorial, Sept. 27). Although you ascribe ulterior motives to his position, maybe he simply realizes that Marylanders like to gamble, and that they would like to gamble in Maryland.

As a Maryland poker player who is tired of driving to New Jersey, Delaware and West Virginia, to play poker (a game that a New York judge recently ruled a game of skill, not chance), I urge Columbians to vote in favor of Question 7, which "allows" table games, including poker, so we can finally play here in a regulated, taxed, and secure Maryland poker room.

Your argument that gambling funds may or may not go to education is specious; wherever the money goes, it will stay in Maryland. Isn't that a good thing?

A. Lee


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