County should put a lid on e-cigarette use [letter]

It took decades for this country to recognize the tremendous human and financial tolls that traditional tobacco use took on our society. Let's not let that happen again with electronic cigarettes by letting tobacco interests attempt to normalize a product that exposes us to many harmful chemicals. That's why I support Howard County's efforts to prohibit the use of electronic smoking devices in public and at workplaces.

There are significant concerns about the potential public health effects of electronic smoking devices. E-cigarettes may create new tobacco users, keep people smoking rather than quit and reverse efforts that have made smoking socially unacceptable.Despite claims made by those who profit from e-cigarette sales, the FDA has not approved electronic smoking devices to help smokers quit.

Howard County led efforts in Maryland to prohibit tobacco use.Now it's critical for our County Council to do the same with electronic smoking in an effort to effectively reducing tobacco's toll on our society.

Anthony Lacey


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