Letter: Enough already with outages — bury the power lines

In response to the article, "Residents lash out at BGE over outages at hearing" (July26): Sorry, Mr. Gould from BGE, even if some power outages have lessened, these outages have been occurring for decades in some neighborhoods. Font Hill is the perfect example, and BGE has done absolutely nothing until recently as they now feel the wrath of the "third richest county" in the country at their heels. This is laughable.

The ad nauseam lame excuses and lies from BGE, who keep blaming the wind, rain, snow, clear skies and those pesky squirrels who BGE says come out at night to nibble on your wires, are no longer viable. While you are at it, improve your customer service department and outage information system.

I was at the hearing and was flabbergasted when Mr. Ostergaard, who has lived all over the world, mentioned all the countries and states he has lived in and has only experienced one power outage. If Taiwan, a small island, can survive typhoons (that means hurricanes on our side of the world, Mr. Gould), with no power outages why can't this region be better prepared for 80 mph winds (or 25 mph) which is basically a small hurricane.

I grew up in Florida and never felt the need to have a flashlight by me when we had our daily big thunderstorms, nor did my family ever talked about wasting our hard-earned money on a generator.

In most areas you don't have to cut trees down. Bury the wires alongside the row of trees and if you have to come dig in my backyard (our lines are underground already but if you had to) buying grass seed is cheaper than throwing away food, replacing a computer, buying a generator and extension cords, eating out or having to go to a hotel.

Enough excuses, start digging! Let's upgrade our aging infrastructure and put people to work.

Another bit of wind last night has left over 2,000 with no power yet again.

Maria Kirchhofer


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