Symphony Woods plan is CA's Trojan Horse [Letter]

Just as the Greeks distracted the residents of Troy with the Trojan Horse, the Columbia Association elected representatives and paid staff have created their own Trojan Horse — the new plan for Symphony Woods. Our elected representatives and our paid staff would like the taxpayers to be focused on the details of the redevelopment plan and not on the proposed mechanism for its implementation.

And exactly what is hidden in the Symphony Woods plan? The Symphony Woods Trust, a new organization, to which Columbia taxpayer dollars would be transferred but Columbia taxpayers would have no right to know how those taxpayer dollars are spent. Just as most governmental organizations have embarked on a journey of transparency, the Columbia Association is traveling in the opposite direction — trying to obscure how the $34 million it collects from taxpayers is spent. The only thing the new organization will provide is an iron curtain of secrecy.

Everything that the trust would do can currently be done by CA under its existing structure. So why has a new organization been proposed? Just as with the legislation proposed by the Columbia Association, which would dramatically change the rights of Columbia taxpayers, the point is to prevent Columbia taxpayers from knowing where and to whom their hard earned-dollars are going.

What are our elected Columbia representatives and the CA employees paid by Columbia taxpayers trying so hard to hide from those who pay the bills?

Cecilia Januszkiewicz


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