Editorial cartoon predicted potential diversion of gas tax funds [Letter]

The March 28 edition of the Howard County Times had an editorial concerning the General Assembly's increase in the gas tax. It was noted that the Transportation Trust Fund's "lockbox" isn't very securely locked. The accompanying editorial cartoon indicated that the Times believes that diversion of funds from the lockbox is a question of "when," not "if."

One wonders how long it will before elected officials propose non-transportation use of the funds. Let's see — that would be immediately after passing the bill. Refer to the article on page 16 of that same edition. Del. Guy Guzzone is happy that the increased gas tax will pay for "expansion of the emergency medical system (and) a new digital communications system for emergency responders."

Now, those may be nice things to have and may be necessary to have. But they have nothing to do with transportation infrastructure. Sadly, the Times prediction was correct.

Steven Hartin


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