Letter: Two-tiered fire tax system is antiquated, unfair

It boggles my mind that such a modern community relies on an antiquated, two-tiered system to fund it's fire and rescue services. And it further boggles my mind that some people are fighting to continue the blatantly unfair practice of charging some residents more than others for the same services.

I understand residents in Lisbon enjoy the special treatment they receive and that they're looking for reasons to support continuing this unfairness by claiming they don't receive the same level of service, even though the county continues to invest in new stations, equipment and water systems throughout the western portion of the county.

I can claim that a neighbor who lives closer to the local fire station gets better service than me, but that doesn't mean I should pay less because I chose to live further away. What's more, the costs of providing this service to my neighbor are the same as they are to me.

Indeed, the costs of building and maintaining a modern, effective fire and rescue system are evenly spread around the county; and funding for these services should be as well. To continue with this unfair, two-tiered system denies reality.

James Harris


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