Letter: Noise levels at Merriweather are decidedly uncivil

Columbians take pride in the quality of life here and the "choosing civility" motto as a reflection of our collective identity.

Living less than a half-mile from Merriweather, I feel decidedly less "civil" as the concert and event season kicks into high gear. Despite mature trees, closed windows, and the addition of a rumbling room air conditioner, it seems decidedly "uncivil" to not be able to choose how to spend my days and nights in my own home.

Merriweather 's music rarely "wafts," it often invades. It's more than "a little extra noise" when it lasts 8+hours a day, throughout a weekend, precluding all else one who has not bought a ticket might choose to do otherwise.

I suggest "turning it down," not "off," to levels that are safer and more civil for all. Should Merriweather be enclosed? Should its calendar of events and hours, methods of operation, be further examined?

At the minimum, I think Merriweather's owners and concert performers must be held accountable to state standards re: safe and legally acceptable "noise" levels.

Merriweather participant or not, shouldn't it be our right to choose how we live here?

Jane Hanfman

Hickory Ridge

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