Obama and O'Malley are missing the point on gun control [Letter]

Perhaps some facts would help the sycophantic Mr. Britt understand how truly vacuous and meaningless our president's recent theatrical performance on gun control, complete with a wallpaper of children behind him, was ("State lawmakers should follow President Obama's lead on gun safety," Letters, Jan. 24). I'm sure Mr. Britt was equally impressed by our governor's performance in which he claimed that the Newtown tragedy demonstrated the need for Obamacare is needed! The political grandstanding of our politicians is shameful! Can't Mr. Britt see that the absurdity in the president's proposing things such as ordering himself to nominate a director of the ATF. Mr. Britt even goes on to admire the impetus New York legislature, which, in their haste, banned even law enforcement from carrying high capacity magazines, prescribing a magazine that doesn't even exist! Facts such as the oft-quoted firing rate of 45 rounds per minute that such high capacity magazines give rise to can easily be exceeded by an individual using an old fashion six shot revolver with speed loaders. Do background checks really work Mr. Britt? Of the 1.7 million individuals supposedly denied by background checks to purchase a firearm, 96 percent are eventually approved. Some 85 percent of the remaining 4 percent are subsequently approved upon further review. That background checks are really a distraction in this matter, since only the law abiding citizen subjects themselves to one; the criminal does not. The banning of scary looking weapons is equally silly, especially when the criterion to create this list is superficial and is missing hundreds of other scary looking weapons. As for most of our governor's recently proposed measures which mirror some of the president's and even go further, $300 registration fees, $15 per weapon for people moving to the state, certification classes, 250k liability insurance for gun owners are among the most egregious of the governor's proposals, all of which effect the law abiding citizen, not the criminal.

The sooner we get serious about the core issues here, crime, punishment and mental health, the sooner we can reduce the chances of a tragedy like Newtown from ever happening again.

Tom Goodman

Mount Airy

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