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Letter: PSC must force BGE to improve service, cut outages

I found the article about BGE's outages ("Residents lash out at BGE over outages at hearing," July 26) very interesting — as I sat at home reading it by flashlight on Thursday evening. Once again, our neighborhood was without power for several hours.

I cannot recall how many times we have lost power, from a few seconds to up to six days (twice), over the last 14 years. In our immediate area it seems to be the same pieces of equipment along the same stretch of lines that are the source of our problems.

Mr. Gould of BGE stated that they have significantly enhanced reliability in our area. This is somewhat true, as we have had only six or seven power outages this year (so far) as compared to our 10-plus days last year. Big whoop!

I agree with Ms. Eshmont that BGE will continue to duck and dodge unless the PSC puts some teeth into BGE's lower backside. I wonder if the PSC has the guts — and the jaws — to do so.

Paul Glascock

Ellicott City

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