Letter: In cited passage, Bible addresses marriage not homosexuality

I would like to respond to the letter submitted by Todd Reitzel on Sept. 27 entitled "Letter's portrayal of biblical teachings was incomplete."

Mr. Reitzel mentioned Matthew 19:12 in the Bible as being a recognition by Jesus of " homosexuality as bestowed by God in some cases". When the Bible mentions eunuchs, it is not referring to homosexuals, but to males who are lacking in normal function of the testes, either due to castration, disease or a birth defect. You will find this definition of the word in Webster's Dictionary. It is for this reason that King Xerxes of Persia used eunuchs as attendants on his queen and his many concubines, including Esther.

In Matthew 19, Jesus is teaching his disciples concerning marriage and divorce, and homosexuality is not mentioned.

Leslie Franson

Ellicott City

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