Letter: Instead of whining about outages, thank BGE, hard-working crews

The "derecho" that surprised weather forecasters and everyone else with its suddenness, fury and destruction has to be put into perspective.

This was a huge storm affecting many states. People were killed in this storm. Homes were lost. And yet I continue to read in your paper whining over BGE's customer service lines not being immediately answered, precise number of hours someone had to wait for power to be restored and second-guessing of service restoration priorities.

I traveled through West Virginia and eastern Ohio two weeks after the storm hit. A motel room along I-70 could not be found due to accommodation for the out of state repair crews still working to restore power to that area. Perhaps Howard County was fortunate.

I think BGE did a great job in managing these unprecedented outages given their resources, resources to which no customer wants to add but still expects a crew at the end of their driveway the moment the lights go out. Crews from Missouri restored power to my neighborhood. I stopped and thanked them. We should thank all the crews who spent time away from home over the Fourth of July to come and help us.

Stephen Frank


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