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Taxes and fees are troubling when little information provided on use [Letter]

As a long time resident of Maryland state and Howard County, I am so concerned about the many taxes and fees being imposed on all of us.

Even more surprising is that no articles or letters to the editor have been forthcoming in letting us know the entire budget of both bodies of governments, exactly where all the tax dollars and fees are going.

We are currently living in a very serious economic situation, people are either losing their jobs, having reduced incomes, paying higher taxes, insurance premiums, utilities, clothing, food, the future of our children's college education, etc., and yet our governments continue to make it more difficult to spread our income to even the most critical of our survival.

My point, I don't know if our citizens are aware of what is happening, if they don't care, but I do feel more public information and exposure about what is going on should be aired.

All governmental agencies should not ask for more than what they had a year ago, no new projects should be made, or no new spending until we can catch up to our debt.

Sally Fleshman


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