Letter: Bill on Merriweather's noise should be reconsidered

Although I can see how the Merriweather sound exemption aids the venue, I am not convinced that it is economically advantageous for Columbia residents and developers. In recent years a growing number of us in Columbia and adjacent Ellicott City now hear Merriweather sound (especially the drums). The problem will only increase as Town Center expands housing and also, perhaps, adds a new amphitheater to be used by Merriweather. Older residents (a fast growing demographic) and others who might otherwise be attracted to the amenities that Town Center offers, may hesitate to buy here because of proximity to Merriweather. Columbia home buyers should not be limited solely to those who like loud rock concerts.

Like smoking, noise is a hazard that brings pleasure to some at the expense of others and can lead to a host of health ailments. The county needs to enforce the current rules. While I understand that many residents enjoy the music, can't they still do that under existing law? Howard County prides itself on its goals of health and civility; this bill promotes neither. Our legislators should rethink.

Diane Fishman


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