Letter: Despite traffic concerns, Wegmans will be fine addition to Columbia

I fell in love with Wegmans in Corning, New York when I was on active duty in the Navy (over 26 years ago). When opportunities would permit, I would drive up to Corning and my sister and I would hang out there almost half a day.

We started our day in the cafe, and then doing some shopping. The food bar was absolutely fantastic so, we would eventually end up back inside for lunch.

I am older now but, I imagine my family will spend a lot of time in Wegmans. Starting next month, my sister can visit me (good thing, considering the price of gas)!

In closing; after reading some of online comments, I decided to write and congratulate Wegmans and Columbia for investing in a store that will undoubtedly provide absolute quality. I understand the concern about the traffic and the impact that Wegmans may have on the community as a whole.

Once the initial influx of traffic and festivities of the grand opening are over; I'm sure that Wegmans will quickly become a part of the landscape, and our area will be better off with the quality and hospitality that Wegmans employees will bring to our community.

John Feger


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