Letter: Republican Party has lost its moral compass

This is an open letter to the Republican Party.

As a long-standing registered Republican voter, who has neither ran for, nor held, elective office, I nevertheless feel qualified to offer you this unsolicited advice.

Trade in your moral compass for a GPS because you are lost.

Allow me to be more specific. Let's start with women voters. Your 1980's, or maybe 1880's, evangelical, religiously motivated, pro-life stance is insulting to most women (and many enlightened men). Decisions in this matter are intensely personal and should not be politicized. Stop believing the Bible-thumping minority that publicly promote the pro-life agenda and remind yourself that pro-choice is the preference of most women and is, by the way, the law of the land. Running on a pro-life agenda may be good if you believe, and want to enter, heaven, but it is a poor way of getting into the White House. Give women the rights, and the respect, that they deserve.

Stop being an exclusive party of old, white men. I am old, but not all of my friends are. I am white, but not all of my friends are. And I am a man, but not all of my friends are. You need to diversify yourself likewise. Have you paid no attention at all to the demographics of this country? The fastest growing segments of our population are non-white, and those citizens, and their cultures, perspectives, ideas, and needs, have to be included.

Those of us trained in economics, and who have been around long enough to experience business cycles, understand that no president, or government, "fixes" the economy — the economy fixes itself. Blaming the current president for not creating enough jobs, and claiming that you will create more jobs, is tired, old rhetoric.

Your message isn't personal, or immediate, enough. In a bad economy people are mainly concerned about what the government can do for them until the economy recovers. You need to connect to the people — not just the business people, and not just the markets. Ultimately, your policies have to address businesses, but your politics have to address people, especially those directly affected by a bad economy.

They say that the people get the government they deserve, but I, and other faithful Republicans, don't deserve the party you have become. For the last four years, America has had a largely ineffective president, whose sole domestic achievement was the passing of a health care initiative that most people did not, and do not, want. A president who has polarized the cultural differences among us rather than unifying our populous, who campaigns rather than leads, and who has presided over the least effective Congress in memory.

And yet, our party was so out of touch that we allowed this president to be overwhelmingly re-elected.

Shame on you, Republican Party.

Tony Errera

Ellicott City

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