Letter: Many Columbia residents prefer their open space with trees

I am writing In response to the July 5 letter on Columbia's open space.

In order to manage storm water runoff, save us money, and be "green," CA has increased stream buffer areas and done some community reforestation centered around Earth Day and supported by grass roots groups and local residents. There is no big plan to eliminate open, unforested areas, and an area doesn't need to be a grass field in order to be considered "usable." Many residents prefer to use open space with trees and shade.

I support CA's efforts to make our open space more sustainable. They are acting responsibly with our money by managing the mowing of open space, which is expensive, noisy, pollutes our air, contributes to global warming and is hazardous to wildlife.

Considering all the beautiful open space that Columbia has to offer, there is likely a mix of open and forested areas in each neighborhood to accommodate the different preferences of residents.

Laura Embrey


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