Letter: Wake up, Howard County, Obama has failed

Letter after letter is published in your paper supporting the president, despite the fact that they are all just regurgitated talking points of the Democrat Party.

The latest is the new 7.8 percent unemployment rate. Nothing could be further from the truth. You see, in order for the unemployment rate to drop, the economy must be growing. The most common measurement is Gross Domestic Product, or GDP. The current GDP is 1.3 percent down from the last published GDP of 1.7 percent. The economy is shrinking, not growing. Why do you think the Federal Reserve started the latest round of quantitative easing? Why do you think the fed pledged to keep interest rates at record lows for the foreseeable future? Because the economy can generate jobs on its own? Seriously?

Until Howard County's liberals start being intellectually honest with themselves, this economy will not recover. Because they are about to elect a man who is ill-equipped to handle this enormous task. The empty store fronts and beggars on every corner are a testament to this.

Wake up, Howard County! Your idol is a failure. He needs to be fired. Now.

Pat Dornan


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