Students need to know school board actions, decisions [Letter]

In Howard County, there is very little student involvement in Board of Education decisions, despite the fact that we have a Student Member of the Board who advocates for us. But how can we know that the students of Howard County schools are being represented in the best way for them, if we have no contact with him. I am working to make interaction between the students of Howard County and the SMOB mandatory. At least once a month the SMOB must go to a high school, and talk to the students in an open assembly after school, about upcoming BOE decisions, and get their opinions on what improvements they want to see in their schools. I want this to become a better known issue by reaching out to my peers to gain support. This is a big issue, and if students want to see change and have an effect on their educational environment they need to work together to make this happen.

Stephanie Demetreon


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