Letter: Symphony Woods editorial cartoon had confusing message

The editorial cartoon in the Jan. 24 editor of the Columbia Flier, "Tuning up Symphony Woods," makes no clear statement, except one against its quality. The being pictured "tuning up" a music note lacks any features identifying as a creature of this planet. Its face lacks a mouth, eye or nose. It seems to be the end result of a gorilla-rat love affair. The unidentified species seems to be using a tuning fork to tune the contents of a musical note. This does not portray any coherent message at all. Is the Arts District trying to make all trees in Symphony Woods be in tune? Or does the cartoon show a monster called an "Arts District" set loose upon the world, trying in vain to tune everything in sight, its only tool a flat-head screwdriver? Does the cartoon suggest that the "Arts District," in trying to "tune" Symphony Woods, will clear cut the trees and replace them with hideous sculptures of musical notes? I would hope that none of these are the future of the Symphony Woods!

Isaac Kirk-Davidoff 


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