Letter: Columbia Mall security needs to tighten around fighting teens

I was eating at the McDonald's at Columbia mall and was disrupted by a group of young kids fighting.

My concern is that this was not just two kids fighting but a group of kids with a fighting mentality that could potentially endanger the other patrons there.

Now I have seen this type of behavior happen many times before and it always happens around the McDonald's restaurant on Friday and Saturday evenings.

The first thing I would suggest you do is have more security at the McDonald's because things always seem to start there and then move upstairs, which is potentially dangerous because the crowd grows larger. With all the chaos going on, I fear someone may accidentally be pushed over the rails.

These kids are between 12-16 years old. Although they are not a gang, they act like a mob. Although they are kids, they need to know this type of behavior will not be allowed at the mall.

I hope the security department can increase efforts on weekend evenings to insure a more peaceful atmosphere for the patrons.

These are not bad kids but they have a mentality of fighting, which cannot be tolerated at the mall because it can endanger other patrons.

Clifton Cox

Ellicott City

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