Letter: Planned Symphony Woods Park would 'transform' Columbia

I am writing to solicit the help of all Columbia residents to bring through a grand new vision for Symphony Woods Park. You may have read about the new Inner Arbor Plan designed by former Rouse protege, and Columbia resident, Michael McCall. This is a plan for a world-class park. It puts a "there" there. This is our opportunity to transform the future of Columbia.

This plan will not be without opponents. The diminutive buildings of the new arts district will be painted as urban impositions and the very character of Symphony Woods as a park will be questioned. Look again.  This plan augments the natural features of the park, while striking the necessary balance to bring people to the woods. Look at the winding paths through the trees, the waterways featured in the back of the park, re-framing an unrealized treasure. Look at "Tree House Row," which offers the unique elements necessary to make this park stand out.

If you feel the same way I do, please take the time to write your CA Board representative or speak out at the Feb. 14 board meeting when the board is scheduled to vote. It is Valentine's Day, but this plan is something to love.

Tom Coale

Columbia Association Board of Directors

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