Letter: Merriweather music here to stay, so live with it

I have read many letters of late, of residents complaining incessantly about the noise from Merriweather concerts. Insisting that an outdoor concert limit noise (not really logical) or enclose or any of the other "civil" suggestions should consider a few things.

Merriweather is part of Columbia has been here since Wilde Lake was completed. It is here to stay. Many other neighborhoods and dwellings were built later and much too close to Merriweather. Developers were warned about this fact and ignored it. But when you choose to move near an outdoor music venue then expect limited noise, one must question the rationality of your decisions.

I also live in listening distance of the concerts and I love it. I moved here because it's easy to get to Merriweather concerts and other interesting things to do. But that is now dwindling due to complaints from the "mommy" state of protectionism and the NIMBY (not in my backyard) mentality. People in Columbia are now more excited about a Wegmans than recreation.

The bottom line is this: If the noise bothers you that much, there are many quieter places to live and you should consider such communities. Insisting that Merriweather limit noise, enclose, or any of the litany of "civil" ideas proposed in this paper are illogical. It is here to stay, and perhaps you should leave and take your "uncivil" ideas with you.

Carole Charbonneau

Oakland Mills

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