Letter: County should look toward more physical activity in schools to fight childhood obesity

Howard County is missing the mark on childhood obesity. If Howard County really wants to reduce childhood obesity, they need to work with our school system to protect the health of our students. They will need to protect time designated for recess and increase the time allotted for physical education in school across all grades. The current requirements are creating the obesity epidemic and failing our students. They need to allow opportunities for students with poor grades to participate in after-school physical activities. Howard County should look to New York state's requirements for physical education guidelines, which require 120 minutes per week. If Howard County wants to be a role model for healthy living, they need to focus on providing affordable physical activity opportunities for all Howard County residents, not just low-income and Columbia Association residents. It's too bad our politicians are more interested in creating feel good measures such as the sugar ban as opposed to making a real difference by requiring more physical activity in school. 

Mary Ann Carroll

Allview Estates

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