Letter: Whole Foods decision to open here is good news for Columbia

"One of the reasons [Whole Foods] came into Howard County, and specifically Columbia, was the community feel that already exists." ("Whole Foods confirms it will open store in Columbia," Aug. 2.) I could not have imagined better news to follow so soon after my letter criticizing Wegmans last month.

I sincerely commend Whole Foods on its decision to locate its new store in the most Columbian of locations possible. I was especially delighted to learn that they intend to preserve this important piece of Columbia history by working with the original architect.

Like Harris Teeter, Whole Foods has shown that commerce and community do not have to be mutually exclusive. I will be looking forward to its opening and may have to celebrate by walking to Town Center's new grocery store. I'm sure James Rouse would have approved.

Greg Bush

Town Center

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