Letter: 'One-sided article' was unfair to owners of Inn at Peralynna

I am writing in regards to the Feb. 9 article on zoning issues with The Inn at Peralynna ("Council to take up Inn at Peralynna dispute"). This article is incredibly one-sided. Sounds like neighbors are condemning the Lynns based on personal dislike, rather than law.

It was refreshing to see that the Lynns, by going the "no comment" route, chose not to engage in bashing their neighbors in print.

I was also a bit shocked at the fact that your newspaper chose to publish something that seemed more like a personal attack instead of a rational discussion of different sides of the case. If I wanted to read "In Touch" magazine I would've purchased it at CVS; I do not expect that kind of writing from my local newspaper.

Liz Brock

Ellicott City

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