Letters: You needn't live next door to Merriweather to hear noise

To an extent, I agree with the stance of "if you don't want to hear the music, don't live next door to Merriweather." The fact is, however, that we don't live next door to Merriweather and we still hear the music. We live in Owen Brown, and our house is about 1.5 miles from Merriweather as the crow (or bass percussion) flies.

For the entire concert season, we are definitely hearing the Merriweather merriment. We don't hear the crowds or the people, and the lyrics are definitely not distinguishable; we hear the bass and some of the music. We her this even in the hottest time of summer with the windows closed and the air conditioner running. Sometimes we even hear it over the television.

I fail to see how living 1.5 miles (direct line; we're over 2.5 miles distant by roads) from Merriweather is choosing to live next door to it. There must be some sort of happy medium in this situation.

Jenifer Anderson


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