Secret arrest more Nazi Germany than America

Was I the only one to notice last week that right here in Howard County, Maryland, USA, a 17-year-old was "secretly arrested" by federal authorities in July of 2011 for "alledgedly" sending emails to provide terrorist support. The important word here being "alledgedly."

Still under detention in October, Mohammed Massan Khalid had just graduated from Mount Hebron High School and had received a full scholarship to Johns Hopkins University.

"Secretly arrested" reminds me of Hitler's Nazi activities, not something that I expected to happen in America. Does that mean that if someone disappears one day we might also assume that he/she was "secretly arrested"? Thought we had some rules about that, but just as in "Animal Farm," the rules seem to be changing. What does "secretly arrested" mean anyway?

Barbara Ann Zalesky

Hickory Ridge

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