Multiculturalism trumps feminism when the two clash

I concur with the general sentiment of Will Placek's letter, "Creeping Sharia is bound to choke off our freedoms." Perhaps Sharia will not choke off all our freedoms, but most definitely our granddaughter's freedoms will be decreased. The more Sharia law, with its religiously prescribed second-class status and accompanying separateness, influences our society, the more future generations of women will gradually lose their hard-won feminist freedoms.

This brings me to my question: When it comes to two pieties, worshipped in our modern society — feminism and multiculturalism — which one holds the trump card? It seems that in most cases multiculturalism triumphs and trumps feminism. In that case, if I were a woman I would be alarmed by this trend and not so quick to jump on board with the multiculturalists. However, I do not hear their feminist voices.

Where are the feminists of yesteryear when it comes to the issue of Sharia? Where are the demands for equality, to be treated absolutely no differently than a man? Have they been silenced by multiculturalism's higher status?

Dana Ely


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