Wrestling: Powers emerge after first round of tri-meets

In wrestling, it takes a precarious balance of individual talent and team depth to succeed as a dual meet team. Not only does a coach need a wrestler at all 14 weight classes, but they need 14 wrestlers of all different shapes and sizes who can win more than they lose.

So after Glenelg, the 2010-11 1A/2A dual meet state champion, graduated eight state qualifiers, including a state champ (Charles Walls) and three other state placewinners (David Pruett, 2nd; Nick Caffrey, 3rd, and Jack Borkowski, 4th), there was good reason to think that the Gladiators might struggle this season.

That group combined for more than 200 wins last year and an 80 percent winning percentage.

But as evidenced by Tuesday night's sweep of traditional powers Oakland Mills, 37-21, and Hammond, 63-9, Glenelg has once again found the winning formula.

"We don't have all the studs we've had, guys that you look at and say, 'Man, he's gonna get six (points),' but our guys are working hard. Kind of like we had last year. There's a good tradition through the school," second year coach Chris Rosas said. "What needs to happen is our guys that were kind of our second tier guys need to move up to that first tier. Our captains are really working hard to keep the room straight and we're working hard to keep the room straight and it's going well."

Glenelg was coming off of a tenth place finish out of 32 teams at the War on the Shore tournament in Salisbury over the weekend. Junior Sean Twigg (285), whose second place finish at War on the Shore was Glenelg's best performance, continued his hot start by winning both of his matches on Tuesday.

Twigg has been stuck behind veteran heavyweight Nick Hoyt the last two years, but was a JV county champion last year.

"I think Sean Twigg is going to be a big time competitor jumping into that heavyweight spot," Rosas said. "He's hit the weights, and he's pretty athletic for his size."

Also winning twice for the Gladiators were Ricky Gezelle (120), Austin Pagnotta (132), Joe Zoller (138), Ryan Carter (145), Tyler Asher (170), Glenn Lucas (195) and Justin Jung (220).

Zach Hensley (106), Matt Sileo (113) and Tony Farace (126) each won twice for Oakland Mills.

The success of Hensley, who was 41-2 last year, and Farace, a three-time state champion, is not a surprise. But Sileo, who is only a freshman, has benefited from drilling with Hensely and Farace, coach Brad Howell said.

Hammond, which lost to Oakland Mills, 39-30 in the third match of the tri-meet, was led by Jonathan Goodwin and Bryan Overton on Tuesday. Goodwin (152) needed only three minutes and 17 seconds of mat time to pin both of his opponents on Tuesday, and Overton (160) won hardfought decisions over Oakland Mills' David Ulysse and Glenelg's Anthony Pagnotta, two of the top wrestlers in the county.

Glenelg 37, Oakland Mills 21
126: Tony Farace (OM) tf. Mike Buddock (G), 16-0/4:50. [0-5]
132: Austin Pagnotta (G) pin Michael Kolshi (OM), 1:47. [6-5]
138: Ryan Carter (G) wbf. [12-5]
145: Joe Zoller (G) dec. Ryan Andrews (OM), 3-0. [15-5]
152: David Ulysse (OM) dec. Troy Walter (G), 11-5. [15-8]
160: Anthony Pagnotta (G) maj. Jaron Smith (OM), 8-0. [19-8]
170: Tyler Asher (G) dec. Dylan Juskus (OM), 8-1. [22-8]
182: Dominick Clarke (OM) maj. Curran Robertson (G), 10-2. [22-12]
195: Glenn Lucas (G) pin Tyrone Gaines (OM), :53. [28-12]
220: Justin Jung (G) dec. Will Hester (OM), 4-0. [31-12]
285: Sean Twigg (G) dec. Roy Kadje (OM), 4-0. [34-12]
106: Zach Hensley (OM) pin Tim Null (G), 1:23. [34-18]
113: Matt Sileo (OM) maj. Jack Day (G), 13-2. [34-22]
120: Ricky Gezelle (G) dec. Anthony Ahumada (OM), 4-2. [37-22]

Oakland Mills 39, Hammond 30
132: Wilson Low (Ha) pin Michael Kolshi (OM), :41. [0-6]
138: Michael Moore (OM) dec. Shreif Shata (Ha), 8-4. [3-6]
145: Raven Coleman-Brooks (Ha) pin Ryan Andrews (OM), 1:54. [3-12]
152: Jonathan Goodwin (Ha) pin Jaron Smith (OM), 1:01. [3-18]
160: Bryan Overton (Ha) dec. David Ulysse (OM), 4-0. [3-21]
170: Dylan Juskus (OM) pin Ben Ballard (Ha), 2:40. [9-21]
182: Michael Waters (Ha) dec. Dominick Clarke (OM), 7-5/OT. [9-24]
195: Tyrone Gaines (OM) pin Melvin Ikwubuo (Ha), :26. [15-24]
220: Humphrey Anuh (Ha) dec. Will Hester (OM), 11-5. [15-27]
285: Roy Kadje (OM) pin Justin Nelson (Ha), 2:42. [21-27]
106: Zach Hensley (OM) wbf. [27-27]
113: Matt Sileo (OM) pin John Lowe (Ha), :42. [33-27]
120: Evan Nuss (Ha) dec. Anthony Ahumada (OM), 5-4. [33-30]
126: Tony Farace (OM) pin Joey McKinney (Ha), :18. [39-30]

Glenelg 63, Hammond 9
138: Joe Zoller (G) pin Shreif Shata (Ha). [6-0]
145: Ryan Carter (G) dec. Raven Coleman-Brooks (Ha), 9-8. [9-0]
152: Jonathan Goodwin (Ha) pin Troy Walter (G), 2:16. [9-6]
160: Bryan Overton (Ha) dec. Anthony Pagnotta (G), 3-1. [9-9]
170: Tyler Asher (G) pin Ben Ballard (Ha), 1:57. [15-9]
182: Curran Robertson (G) dec. Michael Waters (Ha), 10-5. [18-9]
195: Glenn Lucas (G) pin Humphrey Anuh (Ha), 5:43. [24-9]
220: Justin Jung (G) pin Justin Nelson (Ha), :34. [30-9]
285: Sean Twigg (G) wbf. [36-9]
106: Tim Null (G) pin John Lowe (Ha), :19. [42-9]
113: Jack Day (G) wbf. [48-9]
120: Ricky Gezelle (G) pin Evan Nuss (Ha), 3:25. [54-9]
126: Mike Buddock (G) pin Joey McKinney (Ha), :12. [60-9]
132: Austin Pagnotta (G) dec. Wilson Low (Ha), 9-2. [63-9]

Double winners
106: Zach Hensley, OM (pin, forfeit)
113: Matt Sileo, OM (pin, major)
120: Ricky Gezzelle, G (pin, decision)
126: Tony Farace, OM (tech, pin)
132: Austin Pagnotta, G (pin, decision)
138: Joe Zoller, G (pin, decision)
145: Ryan Carter, G (forfeit, decision)
152: Jonathan Goodwin, Ha (two pins)
160: Bryan Overton, Ha (two decisions)
170: Tyler Asher, G (pin, decision)
182: NA
195: Glenn Lucas, G (two pins)
220: Justin Jung, G (pin, decision)
285: Sean Twigg, G (decision, forfeit)

Around the league

River Hill 65, Atholton 8
138: Brian Kirby (RH) pin Ben Fisher (A), 3:10.
145: Casey Guither (RH) maj. Dan Shin (A), 14-5.
152: Patrick Mullens (A) tech. Jack Noonan (RH), 18-3/4:37 .
160: Ashton Stennett (A) dec. Donovan Delore (RH), 6-4.
170: Cory Daniel (RH) maj. Emilio Altamirano (A), 16-3.
182: Omar Messallam (RH) dec. Matt Fields (A), 8-6.
195: Logan Kirby (RH) pin Brian Rodgriguez (A), 0:28.
220: John Kum (RH) wbf.
285: Jason Johnson (RH) pin Payam Sojdehei (A), 1:27.
106: Michael Beck (RH) pin Felix Munther-Anderson (A), :13.
113: Taariq Mohammed (RH) wbf.
120: Lee Carter (RH) pin Josh Pickens (A), 2:24.
126: Patrick Linden (RH) pin Philip Frazier (A), 2:21.
132: Christian Lee (RH) pin Scotty DeJames (A), 1:32.

Atholton 45, Centennial 18
145: Sameh Boulos (C) dec. Dan Shin (A), 7-2.
152: Patrick Mullens (A) pin James Nardei (C), 2:29.
160: Joey Wysocki (C) dec. Ashton Stennett (A), 7-0.
170: Emilio Altamirano (A) dec. Benjamin Tucker (C), 10-4.
182: Matt Fields (A) pin Frederik Agvald (C), 1:45.
195: Brian Rodgriguez (A) wbf.
220: double forfeit
285: Payam Sojdehei (A) wbf.
106: Felix Munther-Anderson (A) wbf.
113: double forfeit
120: Josh Pickens (A) pin Matthew Nickell (C), 3:36.
126: Philip Frazier (A) pin Sam Routt (C), 2:21.
132: Nathan Kraisser (C) pin Scotty DeJames (A), :39.
138: Hutson Baumann (C) pin Ben Fisher (A), 1:10.

River Hill 61, Centennial 12
152: Jack Noonan (RH) pin James Nardei (C), 4:55.
160: Joey Wysocki (C) dec. Donovan Delore (RH), 7-0.
170: Cory Daniel (RH) maj. Benjamin Tucker (C), 16-4.
182: Omar Messallam (RH) pin Frederik Agvald (C), :13.
195: Logan Kirby (RH) wbf.
220: John Kum (RH) wbf.
285: Jason Johnson (RH) wbf.
106: Michael Beck (RH) wbf.
113: Taariq Mohammed (RH) wbf.
120: Lee Carter (RH) pin Matthew Nickell (C), 1:59.
126: Patrick Linden (RH) pin Sam Routt (C), :47.
132: Nathan Kraisser (C) pin Christian Lee (RH), 1:30.
138: Brian Kirby (RH) dec. Hutson Baumann (C), 8-3.
145: Sameh Boulos (C) dec. Casey Guither (RH), 8-6.

Wilde Lake 54, Marriotts Ridge 19
106: double forfeit
113: Alex Polonsky (WL) wbf.
120: Jordan Trinh (WL) pin Nicholas Spano (MR), 1:37.
126: Daniel Andrews (WL) pin Christian Jordan (MR), :47.
132: Zach Moody (MR) dec. Tyler Anderson (WL), 8-5.
138: Adam Glass (WL) pin Codi Parton (MR), 5:30.
145: Justin Burkett (MR) maj. dec. Cuinn Mullins (WL), 10-1.
152: Raheem Brown (WL) pin Chris Mctague (MR), 3:56.
160: Ryan Drazenovic (WL) pin Michael Lein (MR), 2:13.
170: Lyle Fugate (MR) pin Kris Hines (WL), :59.
182: Kristopher Gough (WL) pin Zack Neis (MR), 1:56.
195: Chris Park (MR) pin CALVIN Collins (WL), 1:27.
220: Harry Ndiang (WL) pin Scott Desautelle (MR), 3:31.
285: Theyartis Edwards (WL) pin Ryan Austin (MR), 2:59.

Reservoir, Wilde Lake score not reported

Reservoir 63, Marriotts Ridge 18
120: Connor Frazier (Re) wbf.
126: Hans Wicklein (Re) pin Christian Jordan (MR), 5:45.
132: Paul Quattrone (Re) pin Zach Moody (MR), 1:29.
138: Sam Rowell (Re) pin Codi Parton (MR), 2:58.
145: Wesley Beattie (Re) pin Justin Burkett (MR), 4:19.
152: Brian Beach (Re) dec. Chris Mctague (MR), 4-1.
160: Brendan Herberger (Re) pin Michael Lein (MR), 1:26.
170: Lyle Fugate (MR) pin Brian Glueck (Re), 3:51.
182: Connor Davis (Re) pin Zack Neis (MR), 4:42.
195: Michael Sullivan (Re) pin Chris Park (MR), 1:43.
220: Scott Desautelle (MR) pin Andrew Bailey (Re), 3:34.
285: Michael Bentivenga (MR) wbf.
106: Troy Kilcarr (Re) wbf.
113: Jeremiah Branch (Re) wbf.

Mt. Hebron 44, Howard 27
160: Nick Lucchesi (MH) pin Drew Williams (Ho), 4:37.
170: Max Varipappa (MH) pin Chris Loiselle (Ho), 1:58.
182: Nick Loiselle (Ho) pin Patrick Wethington (MH), :26.
195: Antonio Vogt (MH) pin Jayden Nagel (Ho), 1:36.
220: Ryan Hassan (MH) wbf.
285: Mike Frazier (Ho) pin Alex Krynski (MH), 2:24.
106: Jeff Hayden (MH) dec. Nick Williams (Ho), 8-6.
113: Stephen Sung (MH) dec. Land (Ho), 4-2.
120: Bryan Crumback (Ho) inj. def. Alex Bisant (MH).
126: Connor Strunk (MH) pin Gross (Ho), 1:21.
132: Vincent Schiavone (Ho) dec. Liam Curran (MH), 9-2.
138: Robert Bruffey (Ho) pin Geoff Mun (MH), 1:56.
145: Joe Kendrick (MH) tech. Hedglin (Ho), 16-0.
152: Sean Kelly (MH) dec. Steve Eastman (Ho), 13-6.

Mt. Hebron 79, Long Reach 0
170: Tamir Rhames (MH) pin (LR), 2:35.
182: Patrick Wethington (MH) pin Christian Ayla (LR), :31.
195: Antonio Vogt (MH) maj. Siyao Lan (LR), 12-2.
220: Ryan Hassan (MH) pin Binyam Tadesse (LR), 2:23.
285: Alex Krynski (MH) wbf.
106: Michael Strayhorn (MH) wbf.
113: Jeff Hayden (MH) dec. Ronald Hindman (LR), 7-4.
120: Stephen Sung (MH) wbf.
126: Connor Strunk (MH) pin Diego Galindo (LR), 1:04.
132: Liam Curran (MH) pin Jay Rathod (LR), 4:10.
138: Geoff Mun (MH) wbf.
145: Joe Kendrick (MH) pin Kyle Fleisher (LR), 1:42.
152: Sean Kelly (MH) pin Matthew Ellis (LR), 1:43.
160: Nick Lucchessi (MH) wbf.

Howard, Long Reach score not reported

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