Howard County wrestling: All-Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior teams

The all-county wrestling team came out this week, but it's also fun to look at the best teams made up of only freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Liberties were taken with some weight classes, bumping up or, in a few rare cases, down. Filling the freshmen upperclasses was particularly challenging. The senior class was especially strong, with seven county champs, seven county finalists, six regional champions, two state finalists and a state champ.

But the junior class — with five county champs, two county finalists, five regional champs, two state finalists and a state champ — would likely give them a battle in an actual match.

How do you think these line-ups would match up? And is there anyone who belongs on this list who isn't there?

106: Dakota Thompson, OM
113: Josh Kendrick, MH
120: Parker Griffie, G
126: Sean Guthier, RH
132: Reid Chaconas, GCS
138: Austin Kraisser, C
145: Eric Wootton, GCS
152: Patrick Gover, RH
160: Macklin Anderson, OM
170: A.J. Strott, Re
182: Shawn Hamilton, Re
195: Demetrius Ravenell, GCS
220: Jamie Cooch, G
285: Jared Richards, RH

113: Thomas Olsen, MR
120: Ryan Erskine, RH
126: Darren Ketchum, Ha

106: Tim Null, G
113: Jeff Hayden, MH
120: Trent Kilcarr, Re
126: Josh Pickens, A
132: Matthew Claxton, OM
138: Anthony Solis, Ha
145: Connor Strunk, MH
152: Sam Rowell, Re
160: Jaron Smith, OM
170: Stephen Sims, Re
182: Brian Kirby, RH
195: Austin Twigg, G
220: Justin Nelson, Ha
285: Jeremy Nelson, Ha

106: Troy Kilcarr, Re
120: Nicholas Williams, Ho
132: Bryan Crumback, Ho
182: Vincent Stout, MR

106: Michael Beck, RH
113: Noah Polonsky, WL
120: Brandon Wilson, MH
126: Zach Shackelford, G
132: Mason Kilcarr, Re
138: Hans Wicklein, Re
145: Malik Jackson, WL
152: Sameh Boulos, C
160: Troy Walter, G
170: Wes Beattie, Re
182: Jared Rodriguez, Ho
195: Cory Daniel, RH
220: Logan Kirby, RH
285: Ryan Hassan, MH

132: Mike Budock, G
138: Tyler Anderson, WL
145: Austin Pagnotta, G
152: Casey Guthier, RH
195: Robby Happy, OM
220: Michael Sullivan, Re

106: Chris Winter, G
113: Taariq Mohammed, RH
120: Zach Hensley, OM
126: Jordan Trinh, WL
132: Daniel Andrews, WL
138: Ryan Carter, G
145: Bradley Montecino, OM
152: Joe Kendrick, MH
160: Bryan Overton, Ha
170: Tola Morakinyo, WL
182: Dominick Clarke, OM
195: Nathanael Haase, WL
220: Jonathan Pearlman, WL
285: Sean Twigg, G

113: Ronald Hindman, LR
120: Ethan Eckley, WL
126: Joe Quattrone, Re
132: Lee Carter, RH
160: Pat Mullens, A
170: Anthony Pagnotta, G
285: Roy Kadje, OM

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