Talbot wins gold at Maryland State Gymnastics Meet

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The Columbia Volleyball Club 13U Eagles won the silver medal at the NVVA 13s May Day Tournament on May 5 in Sterling, Va. Members of the team are: Lisa Zoch, Camille Johnson, Emily Przybyla, Alexa Welch, Madeline Winters, Melissa Bonzelet, Catherine Ott, Valerie Odonkor, Tomiwa Sobande and Kennedi Holloway.


The Columbia Gymnastics USAG Level 7 Girls Team competed at the Maryland State Meet on May 5. Nina Talbot won the senior B age division placing first in the all-around with a 36.75. Nina is the 2013 Maryland State (Senior B) Beam and Floor Champion scoring a 9.3 on each event. Mia Decker is the 2013 Maryland State (senior C) Bar Champion scoring a 9.25 on that event.

Individual results:

Nina Talbot (Senior B): 2nd Bars, 1st Beam, 1st Floor, 1st All-around.

Jessica Gai (Senior B): 9th Bars.

Mia Decker (Senior C): 1st Bars, 6th Floor, 7th Vault, 3rd All-around.

Alexis Benson (Senior C): 3rd Bars, 6th Beam, 4th All-around.


Thunder Soccer Club's U14 girls Siafu were champions of the EPIC Tournament hosted by Yardley Soccer Club in PA this past weekend. The team won their games 2-0, 1-0, 4-0, then won the final 3-0 in PK's after tying 0-0 through overtime.


Forty-nine runners came out to celebrate Mother's Day and run the Howard County Striders weekly race at Hammond High School. Karsten Brown and Kendra Smith led the way in the 5k event.

Volunteers: Jess Stern (lead), Jared Frank, Beth Dunbar, Nicole Berson, Gina Dietrich, John Stern, Bill Arbelaez, Dwight Mikulis, John Bratiotis and Sonya Erskine.

1. Karsten Brown, 19:02; 2. Mark Loeffler, 19:23; 3.  Noah Wood, 19:47; 4. David Horrocks Jr., 20:09; 5. John Chall, 20:10; 6. Greg Schuler, 20:30; 7. Mark Eagles, 20:40; 8. John Way, 20:42; 9. Kendra Smith, 21:16; 10. Stephen Mang, 21:25.

11. Kevin Burke, 21:39; 12. Adam Lowe, 21:44; 13. Robert Blanco, 22:15; 14. Rick Hughey, 22:22; 15. Steve Knoh, 22:46; 16. David Horrocks, 23:04; 17. Eric Johnston, 23:58; 18. Karen Young, 24:15; 19. Darla Scade, 24:21; 20. Marsha Demaree, 24:27.

21. Mike Fleming, 24:33; 22. James Moreland, 25:06; 23. Ben Stein, 25:30; 24. Laura Gidley, 25:47; 25. Evan Calvert, 24:48; 26. Emily Howe, 26:24; 27. Linda Alms, 26:55; 28. James Scarborough, 27:06; 29. Tom Green, 28:32; 30. Chris Martin, 28:48.

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