Rec sports: 9U HCYP Raiders baseball team wins Showdown at the Shore

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Playing in the Showdown at the Shore tournament, the 9U HCYP Raiders baseball team was victorious in the championship game over the Arlington Angels, 8-0. Despite cold temperatures, the Raiders played over 24 innings of baseball and scored a combined total of 69 runs over five games.

Members of the team are Ethan Varani, Hunter Hoffman, Aaron Rodriguez, Ripkin Reese, Jake Glagola, John Padousis, Joshua Maslan, Josh Braxton, Billy Liguori, Tyler Della Noce, Rylan Conner and Dane Bazelon.


Coaches Larry Boodin and Steve Nugent guided the SAC U-9 girls Challenge (Rec/Select all-star) team to the championship of the 2013 Amanda Post Tournament. The squad put together a 3-1 record, scoring 10 goals and allowing just two. The team won first place in a thrilling, 2-1, victory in the final over a well-coached SAC United II travel squad.


The Columbia Volleyball Club 14U Condors won the silver medal at the St. Mary's College Invitational Tournament on March 17. The team went undefeated until the final round of the playoffs.

Members of the Condors are Kiera Holtzclaw, Lauryn Terry (Hammond), Emma Sams (Centennial), Amanda Ross (Patapsco Middle), Amanda Voll, Hope Kelly (Clarksville Middle), Kaitlin Donovan (Patapsaco Middle), Taryn Aylward (Folly Quarter Middle), Elayna Williams (Ellicott Mills Middle) and Brooke Saunderson (Hammond Middle).

The Maryland Juniors 17-elite defeated the Columbia volleyball 17U Eclipse to win the gold medal at the Columbia 17 Open Invitational March 10. MDJRS 17-elite team members are Julie Dixon (Marriotts Ridge); Maya Hairston, Karen Smith and Allison Holland (Howard); Karerina Havlik and Cara Walsh (Centennial); Kalala Pines and Keana Richards (River Hill); Hannah Pinion (Reservoir) and Molly Calvert (Glenelg).

Eclipse team members are Mallory Baldwin, Emme Petti, Megan Ross, Lindsey Scepura and Marissa Duncan (Mt. Hebron); Sydney Biniak (Howard); Morgan Perry (Glenelg); Kristin Ritchie and Jessie Link (Centennial).


Top Flight Gymnastics Level 8 gymnast Olivia Island and Level 9 gymnast Sami Picciotti competed in the 2013 Maryland State Level 8/9/10 Gymnastics Championships at Salisbury University on March 23-24. Island placed first on the vault and fourth on floor in the Senior A age group and both Island and Picciotti qualified for regionals (held in April).


There were 92 runners that took part in the Howard County Striders weekly series race at Lake Elkhorn/Savage trail. Ivan Alvarado and Cindy Alms led the way in the 2-mile race. Karsten Brown and Kendra Smith were the 10k winners.

2-mile results:

1. Ivan Alvarado, 10:43; 2. Daniel Smolyak, 11:43; 3. Mark Loeffler, 11:46; 4. Mark Eagles, 12:04; 5. Gary Smolyak, 12:55; 6. John Way, 12:59; 7. Cindy Alms, 13:12; 8. Dan Laukzemis, 13:44; 9. Michael Smolyak, 14:31; 10. Cindy Perkins, 14:49.

11. Natalie Smolyak, 14:53; 12. Ronnie Wong, 15:12; 13. Kash Hartz, 15:13; 14. Amy Kaiser-Jones, 15:34; 15. Phil Lang, 15:35; 16. NC, 15:38; 17. Natalie Perkins, 15:58; 18. Karen Harvey, 16:02; 19. Faye Weaver, 16:14; 20. Cindy Cohen, 16:21.

21. Eric Hermstein, 17:25; 22. Nathan Capelle, 17:28; 23. Faith Meininger, 17:59; 24. Luke Meininger, 18:02; 25. Steve Meininger, 18:03; 26. Bill Snelling, 18:19; 27. Mikail Ocasio, 18:48; 28. Bill O'Hare, 18:57; 29. Melinda Krummerich, 19:06; 30. Ginger Rowley, 19:13.

10k results:

1. Karsten Brown, 38:50; 2. Steve Bohse, 40:20; 3. S.G. Wills, 40:33; 4. Kevin Burke, 40:50; 5. Greg Schuler, 41:08; 6. Lochlann Boyle, 41:32; 7. Daniel Sebring, 43:05; 8. Kendra Smith, 43:13; 9. Stephen Mang, 43:21; 10. Marc Hermstein, 43:53.

11. Evan Calvert, 44:10; 12. Robert Blanco, 44:16; 13. Xinhua Xu, 44:51; 14. Gregg Ford, 45:38; 15. Vicki Lang, 46:36; 16. Mike Fleming, 50:01; 17. Julia Skinner, 51:42; 18. Daniel Short, 52:23; 19. Susan Kim, 52:57; 20. James Moreland, 53:31.

21. Linda Alms, 53:52; 22. Alan Borst, 54:02; 23. Rob Vogel, 54:28; 24. Kelly Dixon, 54:33; 25. Bruce Levine, 54:47; 26. David Ikels, 55:14; 27. Emily Howe, 55:16; 28. Larry Pike, 56:57; 29. Roger Calvert, 59:38; 30. Leonard Guralnick, 1:00:14.

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